Guitar Neck Screws & Threaded Inserts

Reinforce and Fix Bolt-on Guitar & Bass Neck Joint

A Clever, Easy To Install Method To Improve Bolt-On Necks

Nectite’s new and innovative way to mount bolt-on necks fixes stripped threads and protects the wood from damage often caused by classic wood screws.

  • Reinforce loose bolt-on neck joint
  • Avoid stripping the screw holes and potentially ruining the neck
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy, super straight Install with our Free Mounting Tool
  • Safely replace the neck multiple times without causing any damage.
  • Various sizes available for mounting guitar strap pins, pickguards, backplates, and more.

Threaded Inserts Are Fasteners Inserted into The Guitar's Screw Holes.

Used By Top Luthiers, Builders & Guitarists Around The World

“We put in metal screw inserts in the neck, it doesn’t strip the wood with each removal. It also makes the guitar sound better than ever.- Julian Lage

You can easily remove the neck of your bolt-on guitar and carry it with you in a plane inside your backpack – just like Julian said in his Interview for Guitar World on touring around the world with his workhorse Telecaster.

Screws and Inserts for Fender, Ibanez, Gibson & Other Brand's Guitars & Basses

Our Customer Have Fixed All Common Issues Of Bolt-On Guitar Necks

Great fix to my Strat's loose neck! Not only did I get my Strat in it's best shape but I can unscrew the neck, pack it with me on a place and not pay the extra seat. Product arrived on time with no issues.
Order dealt with and delivered promptly. Instructions were clear and simple with sensible advice. Having an extra insert was very useful as I did indeed mess up the thread in one of them.
Axel S.
The store has affordably priced parts, in the US these would be easy to find, not so much in Europe. It's a one-man show, and he does a killer job, highly recommended for anyone modifying, repairing or sourcing parts.
Mike S.

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