All You Need To Know On Guitar Neck Screws & Inserts

Nectite Guitar Screws and Threaded Inserts are a relatively new product, but with a long history. Many people are, of course, reluctant to drill holes into their favourite guitars. That’s why we compiled this collection of answers to common questions.

Is It hard to install threaded inserts on my guitar?

  • Installing threaded inserts is easy with our detailed instructions and the free mounting tool that comes with every order. We recommend you carefully read the instructions and practice installation inserts on scrap wood before drilling into your favourite guitar. Instructions come for free with every new purchase.

Will Nectite threaded inserts work with all guitar brands?

  • Yes! We Offer Threaded Inserts for Fender, Ibanez and all other guitar brands and models. Visit the shop to find inserts & screws for all sizes and brands
How Do I Measure Guitar Neck Screws?
  • If you want to replace existing screws, measure them and buy new screws of similar length.
  • If not, take a look at the image below. Measure the thickness of the body at the neck pocket, it’s usually between 20 – 30mm. Fender Stratocasters have about 28mm, and 45mm screws are the perfect length. My J-Bass has 24mm, so I installed the 40mm screws.
  • If your guitar uses a variety of screw lengths, or you need more than 4 screws, that’s no problem, just get in contact.
Neck screws measures infographic

Which guitar screws Should I Use: M4 or M5?

  • Look at the heads of the original screws. Many guitars built in Asia have slightly bigger heads than a standard Fender. Also check the holes in the neck plate you plan to use.
  • The M4 screws have a 7.3mm diameter head; the M5 screws have a 9mm diameter head. Small screws don’t look good on some neck plates.
  • M5 screws are larger and heavier than M4 screws. If you want maximum rigidity, choose the M5 kit. 4 screws, with inserts, will add about 50g to your instrument.

What tools do I need to Install threaded inserts?

  • We suggest a drill press in order to get perfect, perpendicular holes but you can also use a drilling machine or power drill. For the M4 inserts you need a 5mm drill bit; for the M5 inserts you need an 8.5mm drill bit.
  • We suggest countersinking the holes to create a nice, bevelled edge.
  • All new orders will ship with our Free Threaded Insert Mounting Tool, which you will need to place the inserts inside your guitar.
  • We suggest using a t-shaped Hex driver or Allen key – a bit easier to use than the IKEA-style keys.
  • Some people use a bench drill with a Hex Bit to place the inserts, turning the bit holder by hand. This is described in the instructions.

I jammed the thread of an insert/screw, what do I do?

  • That’s a problem, but not the end of the world. I’m happy to replace screws and inserts, no questions asked, if you cover the shipping costs. Please get in contact

Can I use threaded Inserts for other parts of the guitar?

  • Who hasn’t worn out a strap pin on their guitar? I use Nectite Threaded Inserts on my strap pins and to mount tremolo springs. Please check out our Mini Threaded Inserts, which have many uses!
  • You can use Mini Threaded Inserts for your pick guard, back plate cover, batteries, pickups and all other screw holes on your guitar.

Do threaded inserts help to turn a set neck Guitar to bolt-on?

  • Yes, using threaded inserts you can turn your set neck guitar neck to bolt on safely, without damaging the wood and even keeping more of the guitar’s original sustain.

Do threaded Inserts help fix bad string alignment?

  • To fix bad string alignment on a bolt-on neck guitar you might need to unscrew the neck, make sure it’s aligned to the body and screw it back it. Using threaded inserts you can do the procedure as many times as needed without a hair’s damage to the neck.

Will threaded inserts change the tone of my guitar?

  • Threaded inserts won’t change the original sound character of guitar or bass.  Nectite Threaded Inserts will help to get the best possible sound out of your instruments, by providing a durable and stable joint between the neck and the body of your instrument.
  • It removes sound problems (like dead spots on the fretboard, poor sustain)  that might have been caused by a wobbly neck joint or outworn screws and screw holes.

Where and how do we Ship?

  • We ship worldwide. Wherever you are, our screws will reach you in a timely manner! You can reach out and ask for any specifics of shipping or requests.

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